Perfect Law Releases was established in 2016 as a an experimental music label. It is primarily curated by Xylon Genesis Otterburn and is based out of Providence, RI.

Viewing each release a form of documentation, Perfect Law hopes to capture the narratives and practices of experimentalists across disparate localities. While not all releases relate to noise and it’s adjacent communities, all releases are chosen with an interest towards how they play with the threshold between musical and non-musical sound.

Attempting to at times amplify, and at other times attenuate lines of inquiry in regards to how sound is recorded, compiled, processed and organized, Perfect Law Releases hopes to return to experimental music’s roots:
                                                                    We are trying something.

Product design and general branding is in collaboration with Michael M. K. Duggan, except where otherwise noted.

Editions of 100 on pro-dubbed casettes except for PLR 001-004 and where otherwise noted.