Corpse Fucker by 10-56


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The first full-length document from Richmond, Virginia’s death industrial stalwart Jacob Bickers.

10-56 has solidified their place within a rich history of death obsessed electronics careening from the early suicide meditations of 2015’s self-released “Right To Die” to now the outer extremities of perversion on Corpse Fucker.

A 3-track assault of death industrial/power electronics that refuses to leave the senses be even when it pretends to offer reprieve.

Deviancy Electronics. Bodies can only fail you in so many ways.

Mastered by Eric Trude (Stress Orphan, Red Army Ensemble)

Cover Illustration by Lydia Baker.

You receive a C40 cassette tape. Each purchase also receives your choice of digital downloads in hi fidelity CBR-320 MP3s or FLAC16.